In 2001, our company started to import granite from abroad with a quick start to the market of construction materials. Since the beginning of 2004, our country has been included as a new venture in monopolized crystal mosaic import business. Crystal Mosaic imports of new designs and fair price policy in a very short period of time with the foundation of the process has prepared the basic stones in a short period of 4 years in the Crystal mosaic market “Most Powerful Stock, The Most Reasonable Price, The Best Material” password and the companies in his lane. In 2009, our company, which has made a big step in reaching to the consumer by reaching agreement with the biggest building markets chain of our country, has made its presence in Mozaik Market not only as an importer but also as a manufacturer with the introduction of glass mosaic production facilities in İkitelli in 2010. When today’s bride Turkey, which has the largest glass mosaic stock and providing hundreds of dealers clients with quality materials and services that create a network with an affordable price, without compromising vision, in addition to meeting the demand in the domestic market, also submitted their products in the efficient operation result in the production line in the overseas market…

Knowing that glass mosaics, known as luxury consumption materials in our country, can be made economical without compromising production quality, our company, quality and economics in the same pot to offer consumer-focused products and increase accessibility. Our company, which provides services without sacrificing quality principles, is growing day by day with solid investments with its future oriented investments.


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